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Dawn Jay

Dawn Jay has reached 15,000+ fans on Facebook. Make sure you join the movement if you are a fan of great quality R&B music.

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Dawn Jay released a preview of his next single “Dadam (My Heartbeat Goes Like)”. Check it out!

Why the name Monkey King?

Check out this video, part of “Monkey King Interviews”, where our CEO and rapper Monkey King explains why he chose that name.

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Official Website: http://monkeyking1or8.com/fr_home.cfm

RED NATION (REMIX) Video by Russian Rapper Xpionaj

Check out the music video of the Singapore based Russian rapper ‘Xpionaj for the remix to The Game’s smash single ‘Red Nation’- flipping lyrics to speak on the real ‘RED’ issues that he has faced in Russia.

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Congratulations to Naography! Photos from the 1 Year Anniversary party


Monkey King set to perform at En Full Circle 1 Year Anniversary

Full circle flyer monkey king taisuke yamamoto 1or8faction

Monkey King is back in Singapore from his USA / Japan trip, and is set to tear up En bar this week! As part of a special 1 year anniversary party of the Japanese community in Singapore’s number 1 party ‘Full Circle’, the Monkey King will be performing a special live performance set! For more information and to attend, just follow the link and join us at the event!  Also keep a look out for exclusive 1or8faction merchandise during the event! https://www.facebook.com/events/337782502962731/