Vagabond EP Cover Final
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December 12, 2014


Vagabond EP by Taisuke & Kwizyne

  • 01. Intro (feat. EV-G)
  • 02. Vagabond Anthem (feat. Julian Nagano, Monkey King, Enero, Requiem, Zoisse, Xpionaj)
  • 03. Underground King
  • 04. Changes (feat. Talilo, Julian Nagano)
  • 05. Lonely Street (feat. Euge, Xpionaj, Requiem, Enero)
  • 06. Hello Goodbye (feat. Sheeq Luna, Zoisse)


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Manga inspired rap album 'Vagabond EP' brought to you by the 1OR8FACTION. Kicking off what they term 'Bushido Hip-hop', Kwizyne and Taisuke (aka Monkey King) bring together a band of rappers from Portland, Germany, Moscow, Singapore, and Tokyo for 6 songs of cryptic lyrics and woofer wobblin' beats. Featuring guests EV-G, Xpionaj, Julian Nagano, Enero, Requiem, Sheeq Luna, Zoisse, Euge, Frizzay and Talilo.