The Day Before The Decade album cover - Monkey King
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August 01, 2011


The Day Before The Decade – Monkey King

  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Hai
  • 03. See You There
  • 04. We The Party
  • 05. The New Asian (Interlude)
  • 06. We Gonna Get There
  • 07. Decorate With A Smile
  • 08. Free Flowin'
  • 09. 77 C's of SG
  • 10. The Asia Trap
  • 11. Work is Done, Money in my Pocket
  • 12. Globetrotter
  • 13. Relax
  • 14. Alumni of Vagabonds
  • 15. Body Wither Away
  • 16. Stay Outta The Waters
  • 17. Orient Express
  • 18. It's All About Love
  • 19. Come From You
  • 20. Today


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The Day Before The Decade' is the grand debut album from UK born Japanese rapper and 1OR8FACTION label founder 'Monkey King'.

Globetrotting from UK, Germany, Japan, and Singapore, the Monkey King gives an epic soul-sampled, commercial hip-hop reflection of his journey through the streets, school, and the music industry that he has escalated up in a few short years.

With smash singles such as the motivational song 'I'll See You There' 'Globetrotter' 'We Da Party', political raps such as 'The Asia Trap' to 80's Yakuza-esque songs 'Body Wither Away' and 'Orient Express', the Monkey King unleashes a tirade of Asia-centric verses filled with angst, hope, ambitions and stories which span across the world.

A self-proclaimed Hustler, Ronin, and the future of Asian Hip-Hop, the Monkey Kings album 'The Day Before The Decade' promises to be the first installment of a new breed of rappers- Multi-cultural, street-smart, bi-lingual, and Asian. credits