Xpionaj 1or8faction profile image Xpionaj at Duels OfficialXpionaj is a bi-lingual Russian hip-hop performer and song-writer.

Seeking a better future, Xpionaj relocated to Singapore, quickly handling himself as a solo artist in the club circuit by performing at venues such as Esplanade, Gotham Penthouse, Dempsey Road, Scape, and Home Club to name a few.

Finding a kinship with the Asian culture, Xpionaj fully embraced and adapted to the Singaporean culture, even serving his National Military Service. This combined with his upbringing at international schools gave Xpionaj a unique perspective – Being the Russian who is type-cast as a foreigner, but understands Asia.

Deciding to stay true to his chord of diversity, Xpionaj decided to express what was unique to him. Often his songs introduce Russians to the ‘Real’ side of Asia, or provide social commentary on discrimination and cultural differences. Rather than be another typical tourist, Xpionaj flips stereotypes, and exposes false dogmas. This musical magnifying glass that Xpionaj presents is truly an international viewpoint that Xpionaj has morphed in his years of travel and tribulations.



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