Dawn Jay

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Dawn Jay is a bilingual R&B singer from Sri Lanka who is setting precedence as a global artist in the Sri Lankan music industry.

His songs such as ‘Liar’ and ‘Time’ have catapulted him to stardom in Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, and Australia – his smooth voice, catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics attracting fans from across continents and different backgrounds.

 As an R&B singer, Dawn Jay has reached acclaimed success with his debut album ‘The Dawning’ receiving airplay on BBC Radio UK, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka and India. His music videos ‘Time’, ‘Last Chance’ and ‘Liar’ has made him a mini-youtube sensation, accumulating in fan made remakes of his videos and over a million views.

Performing in major clubs such as Ministry of Sound, Phuture, Zouk, Home Club; and at acclaimed events such as the Mosaic Music Festival 2011 at Esplanade, and the Singapore Arts House. Dawn Jay has talents in DJ-ing also, in which he competed as a semi-finalist at the Heineken Thirst Studio competition.

Throughout his musical journey in Sri Lanka and Singapore, Dawn Jay has emerged as a multi-dimensional Pop/R&B prospect versed in the new school DIY “Do It Yourself” era of song-writing, producing, recording, mixing and DJ-ing. As a songwriter and a producer, Dawn Jay has written and composed music for many other artists and companies such as J-Plus Radio, Comm Singapore, and ATZU.

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