1OR8FACTION Online Store is up!

Back in the days, actually it’s just a few years ago, we used to sell 1OR8FACTION t-shirts as a side hustle. Taisuke, Kwizyne and Dawn Jay hustled these flags on a street level. Promoting them through our music videos, photoshoots, concerts and social media without a store up. Each T-shirt were individually packed by our artists because we know what’s best for our fans. That explains why we bundle each t-shirts with more freebies like CDs, stickers and digital music.

Grizzle Grind Crew

1OR8 Tee sold during Grizzle Grind’s Concert


Years of hustling and finally we got our own online store here! You can get physical and digital copies of our album cheaper than what’s available on major digital stores like iTunes, Amazon and etc. Not forgetting MERCHANDISE! To celebrate the launch of our online store, we’ve designed 2 new t-shirts inspired by the 1OR8 logo and Taisuke’s album “The Day Before The Decade”! Like all our t-shirts, we only print limited quantities each batch. So order now or you might have to wait a month!

1OR8FACTION The Day Before The Decade T-shirt 1OR8FACTION T-Shirt Black Logo


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